Automatic Baseline as standard with manual mode. The manual mode can be selected by the user and upper and lower wavelength position selected.
Bio-C Version 6 software in combination with a UVIKON spectrophotometer offers the biochemistry laboratory a simple, assured means of measuring bilirubin xanthochromia in CSF

Key features include

Calculation of bilirubin value at 476nm. and oxhaemoglobin peak (position and value).
Correction to bilirubin value can be made by inputing the Serum bilirubin, CSF protein and Serum total protein values.
Revised National Guidelines appropriate message displayed together with user configurable message
Oxyhaemoglobin value determined. If value is less than 0.02 Abs. The appropriate negative message is displayed. This is as requested by NEQAS

User editable text inputs for patient name Lab no., comments etc. These are all stored with the data.

Full printout is produced detailing all the results

Software updates supplied free of charge during the 12 months warranty period .
Curve overlay overlay for easy result comparisons

Result signoff and data encryption for added security

Bilirubin in CSF

Time of sampling to onset of symptoms is recorded